Equine Healing

During a bespoke intuitive healing session, Lucy enables horses to realign and rebalance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This improves physical strength, behaviour, promotes calmness, as well as their relationship with their rider, creating a happy horse.

Lucy conducts all her healing remotely from a photograph, as Lucy has found that this is much more powerful than healing in person and enables Lucy to work intuitively with horses all over the world. Lucy uses a range of energy healing modalities together with equine communication to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Physical Healing - Equine Musculoskeletal and Cranial Realignment

Energy healing enables the bones to glide back into alignment and realign themselves. When the structural body is fully aligned it enables bone, muscle, connective tissue and fascia to work in harmony allowing freedom of movement and releasing tightness, tension and discomfort. Lucy realigns the cranial bones releasing tension in the face and jaw which can alleviate many behavioural issues. Lucy also works on a very deep visceral level which can be the root cause of many physical issues.

Emotional Healing - Equine Emotional Stress Release

Physical symptoms are often linked to emotional issues. Energy healing helps horses release emotions and stress from traumatic events and memories, which often improves behaviour and performance.

Spiritual Healing - Equine Energetic Clearing

Lucy will clear any detrimental and toxic energies that may be affecting your horse. This can often be the cause of inexplicable below par performances, or poor behaviour, or a prolonged period of bad luck. These energies can include trauma, anxiety, negative thought forms, as well as geopathic stress. Clearing these energies can have a dramatic effect on our horses, who are often much more sensitive to energies than we are.

Equine Communication

Equine Communication helps to resolve physical and emotional issues and can make a huge difference to your horse’s well-being and behaviour. Communication can be used to find out what your horse needs in order to improve their quality of life and to resolve any previously unexplained problems. Lucy uses equine communication to ensure that your horse’s needs are met and to help them to be understood. Lucy does not use communication to find out past history of your horse, unless that is relevant to the healing process. Lucy aims to provide feedback for you, using a kind, heart based, non-judgmental approach

Equine Acupressure

Lucy is one of the very few Equine Acupressure Practitioners in the UK. Acupressure is the palpation of points used by acupuncturists, but without needles. Acupressure can also be done remotely through energy healing to rebalance the entire meridian system. This allows the relief of muscular spasms, strengthens bones and tendons, boosts the immune system, improves the condition of the coat, aids digestion and fertility.

Book a Session

Before booking a session, please obtain permission from your vet, for your horse to have an energy healing session.

Please choose a time and date from the booking system. Please ensure that your horse is not being ridden or travelling during the session. Please choose a time where your horse can relax either in the stable, or in the field depending on their usual routine. Please also avoid feed times, or where your horse is likely to be disturbed.

Your horse may need a few quiet days after a session, so please allow time for your horse to rest after the session.

After the session you will receive a report detailing the healing that took place and any other information requested, by email.

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